About My Moving Agent

How many web searches do you need to make in order to find a good moving service? Moving is one of the most stressful things we can do in our lives, and every day new delivery companies pop up with fancy websites, and great pricing, but who is actually moving your furniture?

My Moving Agent takes over 30+ years in the industry from packing services, local moving, long distance across the world, storage services and commercial relocation to give you the TOP 5 moving companies in your area. We have done all the work for you, Insured? Bonded? Trustworthy? BBB Certified? My Moving Agent got all the information and we help get you the quotes and provide a stress-free moving experience.

5 years ago we started to see A LOT of Moving Quote websites popping up everywhere. What we noticed were the websites were not helpful, and once we hit the FREE QUOTE Button, our phone began lighting up with calls from all kinds of moving companies we had never heard of. We began getting emails that all looked very similar but with different business names. Being already in the industry, we could see these FREE QUOTE websites were not helping the every day consumer looking to move, or cared about the horror stories they had previously with past vancouver movers, all they cared about was the 5-10 companies paying $8-$15 dollars per LEAD to bargain, and convince to you that they were a REAL Moving Company.

This is why at My Moving Agent, we are full disclosure on who is quoting you, with real reviews, real information, and we have VERIFIED that each Moving Service Provider follows “PHACE” and isn’t a POP-UP Moving Company for the day.