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Do you actually read Blog’s? We try to. That’s why My Moving Agent got together with other moving professionals and asked the question, “What do our customers want to know? How can we help solve the 1000 year old question, what can i do to avoid damages when packing? Or how to look out for Bad Moving Companies?” Leave your comments and feel free to ask us any questions regarding Moving and Storage.

Top 6 Moving Tips

Vancouver piano movers delivery companiesOnce you have decided on your move, you have to get down to planning it. Moving house cross-country or across countries or office moving can be a stressful proposition without some forethought. If you are moving with all your belongings, then it makes greater sense to hire the services of professional movers, since they can reduce your workload considerably. Commercial movers already have systems in place such that they can help you file the paperwork required for the move, buy a comprehensive insurance that will take care of any damaged or lost items and give you a list of steps to be followed while moving, so that your move is smooth and stress free.

Rogue Movers

Moving, on its own, can be a pretty stressful experience; if it is accompanied by complications like losses due to rogue movers, the process can be nothing short of a nightmare. With so much information available at our fingertips, you may think that it is easy to unearth such unprincipled companies, but in reality it is anything but. These companies through their unethical means are out to part you from your money, without giving you the service that you deserve or the one that they promised while soliciting your business. They function just under the radar and evade scrutiny, most often changing names and offices, to cheat more unsuspecting customers.

Moving Check List For Beginners

Though there are hundreds of moving companies listed in the yellow pages or the ones that will pop-up on your screen once you give a search, finding one that is efficient and trustworthy is a different ball game altogether. Whether you are planning a move within the city or cross-country, the movers that you hire should be able to pack and move all your belongings without damaging them. To make the task of hiring a reliable moving company, we have compiled a list of some of the top concerns that could help your move be as stress free as possible. We will also offer you suggestions and moving tips during the various steps of moving so that the entire process is smooth and methodical.

Packing your Dishes

Moving is a stressful affair and there is nothing more frustrating than opening a box and finding a pile of broken china where your plates and dishes were supposed to be. That is why packing your dishes properly is an important part of moving.