Long Distance Movers

"Hi, Ho...Hi, Ho, Im off to a new Province or State I Go!". Your Moving. Not a block away, but across country and the 1st step is to see if you really need ALL of the household items you decided to collect over the years travel with you to your new home. At My Moving Agent, we have talked to thousands of moving friends that move long distance across the country or the world. But, the age old question is, do you really need that? When Moving Long Distance, many professional moving companies will quote you on weight. From there, its about pricing per pound, origin surcharges, fuel surcharges and "Are you going to ensure my items get delivered? And is the price you told me the final cost?" Be aware of the scammers out there! At My Moving Agent, we have hand selected professional long distance moving companies to suite your needs, from pricing to professionalism we have it! Fill out our easy online form to get your free moving quote today!

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