How It Works

Someone once told me years ago that I was the “FACE” of the my moving company. At My Moving Agent we believe in “PHACE” a play in words, but stands for what we expect from everyone listed on our website:


Our rating system is based on YOUR REAL REVIEWS, and at My Moving Agent we ALWAYS like to check in with our moving service providers to see if they are keeping up to meeting yours and our expectations.

So How Does It Work? Pretty simple actually. Give us the basics, or get detailed. We ask you to fill out the basic info, name, contact details, where and when you are moving.

From there, we find movers in your area that we have done all the research on, to email you an estimated cost for your moving needs.

Your last step is providing a more detail list of what we will be moving, this helps BIG TIME when Moving Service Providers are trying to give you a more accurate quote. Ever had a move and was quoted $300.00 but ended up paying $700? Take 2-3 minutes and fill out the form to the best of your ability and you will get quotes within 24hrs that are more accurate than just providing the city you live in.

And that’s it! Your done, and should be expecting emails and calls from not 100 moving companies, not 10 emails from the same company with different logos, But 5 Top Hand-Picked Moving Companies in your area providing your with realistic quotes and stress-free service.